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Success Stories

We work very closly with the local ASPCA. They bring us recued animals that are in dire need of Vet care. We rehabilitate them and adopt them out. Below are some of our most memorable stories.

Bailey was born in 2003 and is a tri-colored female beagle who was PCPH's very first success story. She was found wondering the streets when she was just a pup and was brought into PCPH one morning. After a few months she was finally adopted by a nice family; it was like they finally found eachother after a long while. As you can tell from the picture Bailey is happy playing in the show with her family.


Frankie was born in 2005 and is a female blonde retriever, while Ruger on the other hand is a male golden retriever and also was born in 2005. Even though they were brought in separately they left together with a nice young couple who couldn't help but fall in love with both of them when they saw each of them. Frankie and Ruger are two lucky dogs who can now relax at the lake and enjoy the water.

Sable is a sassy female, red-haired huskey who was born in 2006. She was brought in one day after being found in a house in which the owner had surely left. Luck-E is a happy go-lucky golden retriever who was born 2007. He was rescued by the ASPCA by a very abusive and alcoholic owner. Even though Sable and Luck-E seem like an odd couple they get along great with their new owners who didn't have the heart to choose one over the other so they adopted both.